Web To Print 

The most complete and connected Web2Print software suite in the world

Over the last 3 years, Wobz Technologies has been developing the software solution Customdesk. The observation was quite simple. No software available on the market could meet the challenge of personalizing individual products on an industrial and international scale. Maintaining production rates and costs without hiring more people was a real challenge.
This software groups together : CMS E-Commerce, 3D Experience, API, ERP, MRP, WMS, HelpDesk, Business Intelligence and many more. Offer a unique customer experience to grow your business and partnerships.

CustomDesk : a special software dedicated to product personalization

CustomDesk by WobzTechnologies is a unique solution that integrates all the resources needed to run the business. It replaces any other software to become the backbone of the company. This flexible and progressive solution integrates in a single software suite : – The E-Commerce platform. – An online 3D configurator for your products. – An API, allowing the automatic integration of any website, any ERP and any technology – A complete ERP suite : order management, after-sales service management, inventory control, supply management, final proofs management… – A complete MRP suite : machine management, preparation of the designs for printing, production management (ranges, monitoring and direct control), quality control. – A complete and dynamic WMS suite : packaging, grouping of production orders into a single package, automatic calculation of weights, transport constraints management, automatic creation of the slipping notes. – Reporting, Business Intelligence and accounting integration.

The production of small quantities is now available !

CustomDesk by WobzTechnology : with its full connectivity and high automation level, it makes every creator’s dream come true. It is possible to produce small orders with high added value, as if they were one, at a sacrificed margin.

Communicating with customers has never been easier 

CustomDesk by WobzTechnologies answers to all your customer’s requests in one click. The complete connection between all the tools allows you to keep your customer informed of the different steps of their order, either by email or by phone, or even directly in their online space.


In addition to being the mostmplete Web2print software solution on the market, CustomDesk is a gateway to your company’s entire ecosystem, allowing unparalleled control over a unique interface.


Order taking :

  • Magento2 connector
  • Sylius connector WooCommerce connector
  • 3D web configurator Customizable
  • API connection

Printing control :

  • GIS connector
  • Caldera connector
  • ColorGate connector

Industrial control :

  • Siemens connector
  • Schneider connector

Financial connector :

  • ACD connector
  • Expert Ledger
  • GoCardless connector
  • Business Intelligence 

Transport Management :

  • Fedex World connector
  • TNT connector
  • GLS connector
  • Colissimo connector

Modularity and scalability in our DNA

CustomDesk by Wobz is composed of a set of independent bricks, allowing to create for each user a version of the software suite adapted to his needs. Its base also allows to adapt the software by creating new features. Our flexible API provides unlimited possibilities and allows us to quickly integrate any existing open system at any level of the software.

A software integrated to our ultra-customization ecosystem to meet your business needs

CustomDesk is the driving force allowing us to offer something unique, to produce and totally manage your business. You sell and we provide you with : – Our customer service and your name – Our software technology – Our industrial customization solutions – Our logistical strength. It allows you to stay focused on our development and to move forward without spending money on heavy technological and industrial investments.

A user-centered software 

CustomDesk is a software created by a group that has its own print-on-demand business, its own logistics, customer service, product managers, marketing, and the most modern digital printing plant in the world. The software was developed in collaboration with all these teams to define a new working method where the software suite becomes a collaborator and allows the rest of the company to focus on their missions.

Acquire a CustomDesk license

Today, CustomDesk is only available in the outsourcing offer including the production and the customer service. We plan to market the software for everyone. However, we want to continue its development before its release and to test it under the conditions of the Wobz group. Thus, we ensure its excellence when it is opened to the general public. We hope to reach this level in the first quarter of 2023. In the meantime, you are welcome to express your interest by filling out the form below. Thus, you will be the first to be informed of its release.