Personalized wine glass Cabernet 37 cl with pattern

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Discover the personalized wine glass Cabernet 37cl

For amateurs as for wine specialists, this wine glass is a required container for your most delicious tastings. Tickle your taste buds with the perfect bottle of wine and pour your nectar in splendid drinking glasses made of glass. Are you dreaming of possessing unique glasses that will amaze your loved ones? Then, it’s quite simple, you just have to personalize your glasses on our website. A logo, an important message to convey, an illustration that makes you shiver? Your dreamed patterns are ready to be printed. Share a friendly moment with everyone and accompany your glass of wine succulent food. These wine glasses are perfect for all occasions: a wedding, a birthday, a bachelorette party…. You will find gift ideas everywhere on WOBZ, so do not wait any longer and fall for our personalized wine glass.

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How to select the right wine glass?

Gather around the table and eat an incredible meal, walk around the vineyards or cross a traditional wine cellar... There's no ideal place to taste wine. However, your wine glass choice is very special and decisive. Indeed, each alcohol has its own personality, different aromas and a texture that changes over time. For a complete table service and a high-quality tasting, wine glasses are precious allies that should not be neglected.

Whether it is a white wine, a red wine or a champagne, each nectar has a subtlety in its aromas which is restored by the shape of the glass. For example, a red wine must have a large chalice in order to offer a flourishing bouquet of aromas. It will spread through the air and will be perfectly oxygenated. White wine glasses have however a tighter opening to allow the concentration of aromas.

Use a stemmed glass to savor different wine bottles, champagnes and other nectars and prevent your hand palm temperature from heating your drink. The oenological experience goes through tasting but also through your eyes. Tableware has more than ever an important place in our daily life. This is why it has become essential to have beautiful wine glasses with a certain degree of transparency and an adequate shape. It is well known that a sparkling and elegant wine glass will make a splash with your guests and brilliantly start your wine tastings.

Opt for a personalized wine glass with a bold design

Are you acquainted with a wine expert or with a connoisseur wishing to extend his knowledge in terms of Cabernet grapes? Gift this person with a perfect gift: personalized 37cl wine glasses. To fill your friends, your coworkers or your family with delight, opt for glasses customization on Wobz. Thanks to our digital printing technique, we develop high-end, colorful and unique designs that will make an outstanding drinking glass. Be creative and engrave on these beautiful wine glasses a quote, a logo, a grape or your vineyard's name. By being personalized, no one will take your glass by mistake and only you will be able to taste your favorite wine.

The 37cl Cabernet wine glass has a weight of 74g which allows an excellent and light grip.

Some gift ideas that you can not resist !

To offer or to be offered as a gift, these drinking glasses are exceptional gift ideas that can be shared under any circumstances. For an annual event such as a birthday, a baptism or a wedding, wine glasses are right here for you to enhance your table decoration. Personalize our wine glasses and choose the perfect theme to match your wished centerpiece.

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Full capacity 37cl
Type of printing Four-color digital printing
Opacity Transparent
Production time From 5 working days
Fabric Glass
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