Personalized whiskey glass 38cl with pattern

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Wobz helps you find gifts for your loved ones and select the right glass for their tasting. Do one of your friends have a passion for whiskey, bourbon or even scotch? Give him/her the chance to taste his/her favorite alcohol in a high quality glass. To do this, Wobz offers you its personalized whiskey glass: a glass with rounded edges and a narrower neck, to better perceive these aromas as coming from the mouth. You have the option of printing a pattern on its surface, with a text or a first name for example.

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Product description:

How to select the right whiskey glass?

Choose the rounded whiskey glass both for its practical side and for its benefits, from a tasting point of view. You can put some ice cubes in your beverage. Thus, it will allow you to both smell the flavors of your whiskey drink and it's taste, as the shape of the glass encompasses your nose when you swallow the alcohol.

Nowadays, there are several shapes of whiskey glasses: some are rounded at the bottom, others are squared, some have a high or a small shape. If you are not a whiskey glass specialist, you might get lost among this multitude of drinking glasses. Even more if you are not a connoisseur and you are simply looking to offer this whiskey glass as a gift to one of your loved ones. Follow Wobz's advice to offer your friends the appropriate glasses. From wine glasses to whiskey glasses, discover the strengths of each of our containers on our website. Our glasses have a big advantage : these are personalized glasses, which means that you can add a pattern that you love, or choose one of our designs among our catalog.

The personalized Wobz whiskey glass for all experts

Whether you are a fan of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, or whether it is a gift you plan to offer, it is important to educate yourself well on all the characteristics of each glass. At Wobz, we market a single whiskey glass to personalize, which seems to us the most efficient for this type of tasting:

  • This whiskey glass is 10 cm high
  • It weighs 147 g
  • It has a full capacity of 38 cl

The printing used to personalize this glass is the photo quality

Although the bottom of this whiskey glass has a rounded shape, its narrow sides will provide a better concentration of flavors for the person that will taste the alcohol.

However, there is enough space to put large ice cubes or to correctly place your nose when you are ready to drink. In fact, just like with wine, you will have to tilt your head back so that the alcohol fills your mouth, which will allow you to taste your drink both olfactory and gustatory. Finally, although stemmed glasses make it possible not to melt the ice cubes too quickly with the heat given off by our body and to keep all the freshness of the nectar, the type of glass offered by Wobz remains particularly refined to drink whiskey.

Pre-made designs for your personalized whiskey glasses

Create your own personalized whiskey glasses model by uploading your design on our website. Moreover, discover all our pre-personalized designs among the collections produced by our graphic designers. For each of our personalized glasses, namely our beer glass, our wine glass as well as our whiskey glass, you will find a selection of designs that you can use to customize your glasses.

More Information
Full capacity 38cl
Type of printing Four-color digital printing
Opacity Transparent
Production time From 5 working days
Fabric Glass
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