Personalized sport bottles

Wonderful personalized sport bottles to accompany you in your physical activities

Learn to challenge yourself during your activities thanks to a progressive hydration. Water is inseparable from sport if you want to stay fit and feel good during your physical activity. Wobz offers sport bottles that you can personalize, to help you take care of yourself. Personalize your sport bottle and go challenge yourself!

The personalized sport bottle by Wobz has a useful capacity of 50 cl, an amount that should be able to satisfy your water needs for an entire exercise without having to refill. Its pull and push cap and the materials used, makes this personalized sport bottle very resistant.

Getting to the gym will become much easier with the personalized sport bottle by Wobz. As for the creation, everything happens on the website: test your visual on the sport bottle. Don't worry, we'll get back to you once it's finished and check that everything is fine before printing your pretty customized sport bottle.

There is no minimum order requirement for these custom sport bottles.