Personalized plastic champagne flutes

The personalized champagne flute made of plastic, is your new ally!

Wobz offers customized champagne flutes made of plastic which will replace your old flutes made of glass. These flutes will be perfect for all establishments and events suitable for serving bubbles. The personalized champagne flutes in plastic are completely transparent and as shiny as glass. You can be less delicate while using these glasses as they are made in Tritan. Thanks to these glasses, you will no longer have to worry about broken glasses if you drop it on the floor.

Wobz helps you to customize your plastic champagne flutes. Choose the four-color digital printing method, you will be amazed by the result! You will get a very sharp and colorful visual. that lasts over time.

Order your personalized champagne flutes in plastic now, in order to receive them as soon as possible. These flutes are BPA free and can be ordered starting from 1 piece.