Personalized Lounge whiskey glass

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Personalize the Lounge whiskey glass

For all whiskey fans and festive places, we offer you the ideal whiskey glass! This drinking glass is essential to taste your drink and capture each aroma. As the glass possesses a rounded shape and a narrow neck, you will be able to discover each flavor from your drink and have an unforgettable tasting. In addition to being an elegant glass that will match the rest of your dinnerware, this whiskey glass is customizable with the design you want. Made in digital four-color printing, the pattern will perfectly reflect a message you want to convey, your company logo, a memory with your friends... Let your imagination run wild and get yourself a personalized whiskey glass that will make a great impression.

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Product description:

The lounge whiskey glass is the perfect glass that fits all tables. Thanks to Wobz you can personalize it with your visual.

The personalized whiskey glass : a great reflection of your company and the best personal gift

Whatever your establishment, the personalized Lounge whiskey glass is a drinking glass that will not go unnoticed by your customers. Offer your best drinks in an elegant and functional glass that will best reveal the aromas of the drink. Place a few ice cubes in it for a guaranteed bouquet of freshness and have a very convivial moment. This whiskey glass will be a real communication tool! Indeed, it makes it possible to have a strong impact for your consumers since the latter is personalized. If you want to send a message or simply connect your universe to your cutlery, this product is the one you need. This whiskey glass is therefore a must-have for professionals as well as for individuals who are fans of whiskey and other alcoholic drinks. This type of glass will add something unique to your table setting!

More information on the personalized Lounge whiskey glass:

  • Your glasses are printed with the four-color digital print, for a colorful result
  • A full capacity of 38 cl with a height of 10 cm
  • No minimum required
  • This type of glass may also be used for serving desserts

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More Information
Full capacity 38cl
Type of printing Four-color digital printing
Production time From 5 working days
Fabric Glass
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