Personalized wine glasses

Discover the brand new personalized wine glasses by Wobz

The wine glass is THE glass that everyone pulls out for every occasion: wedding, baptism, a dinner in a restaurant, in a bar... wine is always there. Wobz has therefore chosen to add that extra to each event by offering the possibility of customizing your wine glass. You can choose a name, logo, design, initials or any other visual that will please you. What could be more modern than a splendid personalized wine glass ?

Wobz offers transparent wine glasses, made of glass, in order to better higlight the colors of both your visual and your drinks. For all wine lovers, this type of glass is perfect, since they will be able to enjoy both the visual and taste.

This wine glass exists in 37 cl and 53 cl formats, delivery possible from 1 piece.

Wobz offers personalized wine glasses but you can also find other glasses on the website: the personalized beer glass, the personalized champagne glass or even the personalized water glass.