Personalized drinking glasses

Personalized drinking glasses from Wobz : a range of glasses printed in France

Within our catalog gathering personalized objects, Wobz plans a range of drinking glasses made of glass. These products have a very nice, harmonious and elegant design. They are printed with your visual, whether it is your own creation or one chosen among the patterns made by our teams. The making as well as the printing of our drinking glass glasses are made in Europe, in order to provide you with a local production and to limit our moves. Several categories of personalized glasses are offered:

  • Wine glass
  • Whisky glass
  • Bier glass
  • Flute champagne

They all have the same general characteristics. Indeed, their material which is made of glass, their transparent side and their used printing process (four-color printing) : a technique which is similar to a photo quality. However, these drinking glasses all have a different appearance to be adjusted to your drink.

Personalize your drinking glass for your tastings

Not all alcohols are tasted in the same way. The solicited taste buds as well as their order will not be the same for wine, beer, champagne or strong alcohols. For example, the champagne flute was created to keep bubbles in a drink as long as possible.

Each glass coats the liquid in order to enhance the tasting of each drink and reveal all its scents, but also its perfect taste. Smell the different flavors escaping from your beverage thanks to the right space provided at the surface of Wobz personalized glasses, designed so that you can ideally place your nose. Then, take a good sip and feel the different aspects of your alcohol: fruits, spices, plants.... feel a maximum of emotions during this tasting.

Select one of our patterns for your personalized drinking glass

As with personalized cups, Wobz personalized glasses can be ordered in two different ways. You can either download a visual from your own personal photo library, or choose from one of the designs we offer.

First name, best wishes, happy birthday... These drinking glasses made of glass are personalized with your pictures and words. We do printings for both personal and professional occasions: if you want to display a logo on your personalized glasses, you just have to send it to us. We will carry out a first test that will be sent to you for your approval. Once you give us the green light, we will send the drinking glasses to the printing machine.

From the personalized whisky glass to the beer glass to wine glass, choose the one that will accompany your next tastings. Would you like to have an overview of our range of personalized cups? Go the thematic cups page or explore our different formats.