Personalized glasses and gift boxes

Wobz offers its range of personalized drinking glasses

Wobz already has a wide range of glasses and plastic cups that can be customized but you may also find personalized glasses made of glass. Each one of these containers has a specific shape made for different drinks: beer glasses (37cl) for beers and cocktails, wine glasses (37cl), whiskey glasses for strong alcohols, water and desserts and the champagne flute for sparkly drinks. Order your personalized glasses now and get ready to tickle your taste buds.

Wine glasses

  • 44 patterns available
  • A quantity of 37cl
  • From 1 piece

Whiskey glasses

  • 44 patterns available
  • A quantity of 38cl
  • From 1 piece

Beer glasses

  • 44 patterns available
  • A quantity of 37cl
  • From 1 piece

Champagne flute glasses

  • 11 patterns available
  • A quantity of 22cl
  • From 1 piece

Personalized gift boxes

Personalize your drinking glasses, both personally and professionally. Highlight your company, congratulate someone or organize a party by printing an illustration on our personalized glasses available on our website. The Wobz team will help you to match your designs with your container's shape. We will promise you a meticulous work and high quality results. We also offer our own patterns for each of these occasions. The printing technique which is used on your glasses is named four-color digital printing. This method has a high-end result, close to a photo quality.

Our personalized glasses: a unique quality


Discover all characteristics from our range of personalized drinking glasses.

The standardization era is over, personalization is nowadays in our minds. It is mainly the case for our daily products such as clothes, accessories and goodies or even for tableware. Wobz chose to specifically focus on tableware to perfect its offer in terms of objects printing.

Thus, its catalog is divided in 3 distinct categories of drinking glasses: personalized wine glasses, personalised beer glasses and personalized whiskey glasses. All of them are made of glass and are printing over a 360° surface with the four-color digital printing but their individual characteristics are different.

Personalized wine glasses for perfect tastings

The personalized wine glass is a synonym of elegance and delicacy. Its height is 20,7 cm and its weight is 183g. The wine glass has a 37cl capacity which allows to reduce the air quantity inside the glass balloon and to preserve all aromas, slowly evaporating. This type of glass is then ideal for white wine. Moreover, the opening of the drinking glass is reduced. Therefore, the drinker has to throw his head back in order to taste the alcohol. This way, the liquid flows differently whether its in a mouth or a bigger glass. If you get a tighter wine glass as for the 37cl capacity, the wine directly goes behind your tongue. Then, you will feel all the sour flavors from the wine bottle.

The personalised beer glass will highlight your best beer tastings

Straight out of an American movie, the Shaker beer glass by Wobz is a true classical on this continent. Famous in French pubs, it is easily recognizable by its straight and bell-shaped side. Indeed, the beer glass is named after its shape as it looks like a Shaker. This container guarantees a tasting that will bring out all the subtleties of your beer. With a full capacity of 37cl, the personalised beer glass has a height of 14,3 cm for a weight equivalent to 316g.

The personalized whiskey glass : a multi-functional glass

The personalized whiskey glass answers many uses: it can be refilled with water or strong alcohols. Different desserts such as creamy soft cheese, panna cotta or tiramisu can be tasted in this glass. Regarding of the alcoholic drinks, the personalized glass will be perfect for whiskey tastings as its large sides guarantee a perfect conservation of aromas. The above part of the whiskey glass remains tighter which makes you throw your head back for an ideal tasting. This personalized whiskey glass measures 10 cm, weights 174g and can be filled up to 38cl.

These three personalized drinking glasses are made from a strong and transparent glass with a polished surface which will allow drinkers to appreciate the different drinks' shades. It will give you an insight of the nectar's density. The minimal order quantity to get these personalized glasses is 1 piece. Discover the different glasses in our gift boxes.


Which design should you choose for a personalized drinking glass?

All personalized glasses from Wobz are printed in colors with the four-digital printing technique. In order to display your illustration on your future glasses, you have two options. You can either create your own visual or download your pattern on our website to get a fully personalized product from our designers. Regarding your second option, you can opt for a premade design among our diverse collections.

For each product range, our graphic designers really want to make your navigation easy by offering you several patterns. These are divided in various themes: annual celebrations, special occasions... You may also discover many patterns in the personalized cups tab. Whether it is a personalized wine glass, a personalized whiskey glass or a personalised beer glass, each one of them get its own patterns catalog.

Find the right visual for your personalized drinking glass

Your best friend's birthday is coming up ? Organize her/him a wonderful birthday party through a pattern that we will print on personalized drinking glasses. Are you invited to a wedding celebration? Congratulate the newly-weds by offering them a pack of unique drinking glasses that will be perfect for their future table settings. You can even make the most of this moment to print them a nice note or a picture on their glasses. Are you planning a seminar with your work team? Create an event that will bring your coworkers closer together. Each detail counts, that is why we recommend you to print drinking glasses with the logo of your company so that your employees will leave with a great memory. As they are made of glass, your seminar will be extra chic. Regardless of the event you organize or go to, you can always offer personalized drinking glasses. This kind of gift is timeless and very useful! For a baptism, a bachelorette party, New Year's Eve, Halloween.... For each occasion, you will get a matching design.

Are you a bar, a restaurant or a hotel manager? These personalized drinking glasses are made for you! Highlight your logo by displaying it on your tableware. If you're looking for the perfect glasses to serve beers, we offer you everything you needed. Order personalised beer glasses with matching beer logos. Besides getting colorful and suitable containers, your clients will be easily served.

Create your dreamed personalized drinking glasses by yourself

Today more than ever before, DIY and customization are necessary to consume products that will remain forever in your heart. Be sure to buy a gift that will certainly please or get beautiful decoration items. You just have to choose a drinking glass, a visual and your favorite color. For even more personalized glasses, create your own illustration and you will be sure to love the final result.

To get more details on these types of personalized drinking glasses, go to the corresponding pages : personalized wine glass, personalized whiskey glass or personalised beer glass.... Are you falling in love for one of these containers? Get one now!


Family meals and convivial moments have always been well-established in our daily life. It can be a simple meeting, a traditional sunday meal or a special occasion... but this collective time is essential. Indeed, people need to gather and to talk about everything and nothing while eating a delicious meal.

Drinking glasses for different types of events

Organizing a meal goes with decorationg your table. This upstream preparation is very important as it reflects the mealtime atmosphere which is just as important as the quality of food. Opt for a high-end and an original tableware which stands out. To sublimate your table sets, Wobz helps you by offering sumptuous drinking glass that can be used according to your tastings times. For example, if you take a drink before starting dinner, you will tickle your buds with alcohols from our beautiful french regions. Choose delicious homemade beers or spirits such as whiskey or bourbon and pour your nectar in Wobz's drinking glasses made of glass. Enjoy your evening and go on by offering champagne or Bordeaux wine in your personalized wine glasses. This excellent tasting will symbolise the end of a journey full of discoveries.

Friendly meals are an excellent way to show your brand new drinking glasses but these are made for all types of events. Our glasses are particularly designed for professionals and private person! Do you wish to surprise your close ones with an elegant and a delicate product? For a wedding, a birthday or even a baptism, you will create a sensation with prestigious personalized drinking glasses as they will be aesthetically pleasant. The wine glass, beer glass and whiskey glass have a beautiful and strong shape that will enhance flavors.

Personalized glasses that will boost your creativity

With Wobz drinking glasses, you will not cease to be amazed! Besides being in perfect harmony with your tastings, these glasses are customizable according to your needs. Indeed, Wobz is the European leader of customizable printings in small and large quantities. On our website, we allow you to order the number of personalized glasses you want. For all types of events, glasses made of glass will create a sensational effect. Nowadays, personalization is strongly rooted in our daily life. Consumers want to experience unexpected moments and live extraordinary things that will remain for the rest of their lives. Thus, it is essential to creatively express yourself and bring a personal note to your daily objects.

Wobz's strength ? Its powerful printing machines that allow you to distinguish yourself from others with drinking glasses that will be your own. With digital printing, your glasses with reflect your pattern in a four-digital printing technique. This printing method is similar to a beautiful photo quality and will bring a personal touch to your glasses ! Wobz owns several printing machines which produce glasses with a printing speed that goes up to 8000 pieces per hour.


Why is the infuse printing an alternative to engraving ?

To print your personalized glasses and cups, Wobz uses different methods. Among them, the laser engraving is a part of these processes. This technique makes some decorative elements appear on glasses by burning them with a laser ray. With laser engraving, all elements such as bar codes and other graphic designs are engraved on the personalized glass. If this process gives a high-end result on the drinking glass, high costs and long production lead times are however required. Moreover, the printing surface is limited.

Faced with this situation and to perfect its offer, Wobz suggests an alternative to its clients, professionals and private people which is the four-color digital printing. This technique is less expensive but guarantees a high-end final result for faster production lead times and a larger surface. Although the result is not the same as engraving, digital printing also allows to display a large color palette from 4 different shades : cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Digital printing also known as "photo quality printing" represents a perfect alternative to laser engraving printing. At a more technical level, it has significant advantages: while laser engraving is only possible for one unit, four-color digital printing coupled with our new printing machine recently acquired, allows the personalization of 2500 to 8000 products per hour. At European level, only Wobz has this offer. Thus, whatever the order placed, our teams are now able to respond more quickly, but also more efficiently, thanks to more modern equipment and an adequate offer.

A long use of Wobz personalized drinking glasses

Although the laser engraving printing promises an outstanding long-lasting result, as the visual is affixed by carbonization or through a laser beam, the four-color printing does the same. This digital method perfectly reproduces the colors of the illustrations supplied by our customers, in order to guarantee a long-lasting ink on glass. Containers printed in this way will therefore benefit from a highly resistant design.

Do you want to personalize your drinking glasses in large quantities? The photo quality printing is an ideal alternative to engraving printing:

  • The printing is made for larger quantities of drinking glasses
  • The required budget is less important
  • Production lead times are faster
  • The used ink is long-lasting for prolonged use

Our printing techniques do not have any secret for you. Print your personalized drinking glasses with the technique which is the more suitable to your needs. From the personalized whiskey glass to the personalised beer glass and the personalized wine glass: all these glasses are waiting for you. You may also discover our pre-personalized cups, for a larger offer of glasses.


The prospect of a shared meal with your close ones or coworkers is the ideal moment to properly set the table. By showing your beautiful dishes, you will catch the eye of your guests and you will be ready to share a unique moment. Pair your stemmed wine glasses with a beautiful tablecloth or designed plates on special occasions? Culinary art has become in French people's heart a real pleasure and a synonym of good taste.

Sometimes, it is necessary to leave the classic table decoration aside and to give priority to a festive, funny and crazy touch. Have fun creating DIY and unique table sets and serving delicious drinks in your personalized drinking glasses. For a few hours, turn yourself into a creative host who will amaze his guests throughout the evening. Inspiration is everywhere and personalizing its glasses has become a great passion for many unique glasses enthusiasts.

Individualize your dreamed gift by personalizing it thanks to WOBZ!

At a personal or a professional level, the personalization of drinking glasses has become very trendy. Offer personalized glasses to your coworkers with the logo of your company, their first name or a pattern they like. If they are fond of promotional items, they will be more than satisfied to get personalized goodies for a 100% corporate behavior. Highlight your offer from personalized whiskey glasses in your own bar and serve your customers high-end glasses that they will never forget.

Personalized drinking glasses are excellent containers for multiple occasions. We particularly think of major annual celebrations such as weddings or birthday parties where drinks flow freely and customized gifts are handed over. Offer the newly-weds a beautiful wine gift box or a beer box that they can share together with personalized glasses symbolizing their happiness. Include their first names and the date of their wedding ceremony so that they will remember these shared moments. Do the same thing for the birthday party of your loved ones by customizing drinking glasses with a fun pattern according to the selected theme.

Get the perfect personalized glass made of glass that will become a timeless container !

Finding a personalized gift is not always as simple as it seems... Stress is not an option, time is limited and there is sometimes a large choice of products. Wobz has a special position in this personalized gift quest by offering you its expertise in the production of personalized drinking glasses. What a wonderful surprise when the gifted person will unwrap a personalized gift, reflecting their personality. Wine glass, beer glass, whiskey glass... It is a whole selection of exceptional glasses adapted to everyone's desires that come together to create a sensational gift.