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The personalized 40 cl cup, a strong ally for all your events

We would like to introduce you to our 40 cl personalized cup: solid, aesthetic, practical, stackable, heat-resistant. As each of our reusable cups from the same range, this cup has more than one trick up its sleeve. For your next festivals, shows, meetings and personal events, it will be more than useful.

Print your chosen pattern on this personalized 40 cl cup with the photo quality printing, we can assure you that the result will not disappoint you. Colorful and long-lasting, this cup can be reused endlessly. Do not look any further and opt for our personalized cups for your upcoming events. This 40 cl cup will be perfect, especially for serving all your beers. Wobz has worked on every detail of this plastic cup to make it perfect in every way. Whether it's the wedges at the bottom to make the cleaning easier or the smoothed surfaces to perfect your tasting.


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Product description:

Print your personalized 40 cl cups in photo quality

Wobz masters multiple printing techniques, so as it offers its expertise to as many people as possible with a large offer. Discover for each of the personalized products avalaible on our website, the offered printing technique: it is named digital printing. This process has advantages that will enhance your products.

The personalized 40-50 cl cup is also printable using this process named four-color digital printing, also known as photo quality printing. Indeed, this method offers an extremely beautiful result with your illustration ! During this process, plastic cups go through our machine and then are flamed before the pattern is printed in their surfaces. This way, we get a similar result to your prototype that provides long-lasting colors.

The personalized 40cl cup that belongs to all your events

As with 33 cl and 50 cl cups, the personalized 40 cl cup is particularly ordered for events where beer is served. Its large capacity makes it possible to serve large capacities and to please your guests throughout the organized event. However, it can also be filled with other drinks, in particular thanks to its various properties:

  • The 40 cl cup is heat-resistant
  • Made of Polypropylene, it resists to all kind of impacts
  • Its capacity allows you to drink a lot

Although this personalized cup capacity is often used for beer, it can also be used for water, juice or cocktails with strong alcohol! Moreover, you should keep in mind that this cup is reusable. Then, you can use it endlessly!

More Information
Useful capacity40cl
Full capacity50cl
Type of printingFour-color digital printing
Print size208*155 mm
Production timeFrom 3 working days
Height15,6 cm
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