Personalised beer glass Shaker 37 cl with pattern

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Personalize your beer glasses Shaker on Wobz

Bring a creative touch to your beer glasses by customizing them on our website. Select a beautiful pattern, whether it is a logo, a quote or an illustration. Our graphic designers will produce an exceptional beer glass for you. The visual printed on your beer glass is made thanks to the four-color digital printing technique: a printing which intensifies colors. With a completely unique beer glass, you will amaze your friends, family or coworkers for a great tasting. Beer is the perfect drink to enjoy in any weather, so cool off in the summer time or enjoy a more caloric nectar with a Christmas beer in the winter time. The Shaker 37cl beer glasses will be perfect for your drinks.

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Product description:

How to select the right beer glass?

Choosing the right beer glass for the right style of beer can make a difference, that is to say whether your drink a white, amber, dark or blond beer, the glass will be different. Wobz offers a Shaker beer glass with straight edges, tight at the bottom, perfect for "classic" beers, for example IPA or Pale Ale.

For a tasting worthy of the name, whatever the alcohol, the choice of your glass shape is essential. Each beer glass has its own specificities and there are many drinking glasses to enjoy these sweet refreshments: in the form of a champagne flute, but also a Tulip, Shaker, Chalice or even beer mugs. Every beer lover has once tested different glasses during nightlife. But when it is your turn to organize a beer tasting or to decide to offer a delicious drink to a friend, you have to answer a decisive question: which one to choose? Actually, it all depends on the beer served and where it is offered. Some beers, for example, such as amber beer, need to be drunk very cold, which is why you should select a very thick glass. Others like the brown ale are full of aromas, so you will have to favor a tighter neck at the top but a wider bottom or even a balloon. However, for beers such as the India Pale Ale or even fruity beers, you will need glasses that release bubbles and aromas, in particular with flared edges, such as the beer mug or the Shaker beer glass sold on our website, Wobz.

We also offer you gift boxes with these perfect personalised beer glasses and a delicious bottle of beer.

On what occasion should you use a beer glass ?

Whether you are a connoisseur or an expert in beer tasting, it is always important to drink your beer at the right time. Beer is the epitome of an alcohol that brings people together and that can be fully enjoyed. It is found in pubs, bars, sport clubs, festivals... Its color, foam and famous bubbles flavor are producing a drink that tastes just like a firework. In order to get this tasty experience, it is necessary to have the right beer glass. Taste your beer at different times of the day:

  • In front of a sport game: Whether it's football or rugby, sports fans can look forward to helping their favorite team win with a cold beer, served straight from Shaker beer glasses!
  • As an aperitif: while waiting to eat a delicious meal, treat yourself with an excellent beer that will wonderfully match with your appetizers.
  • During the meal: a fizzy beer can accompany all types of dishes and desserts so do not hesitate to make new combinations with an apple cake, a chocolate dessert or a smoked bacon burger.

Travel around the world while tasting various beers with exquisite flavors and gently pour the drinks into your splendid personalised beer glasses!

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Full capacity 37cl
Type of printing Four-color digital printing
Opacity Transparent
Production time From 5 working days
Fabric Glass
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