Wobz markets its customised products through its network of partners

Among a large range of personalized products, 5 special categories can be found:

  • Reusable cups
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Gift boxes
  • Water bottles
  • Cosmetics

Wobz Retailing’s offices are located in Villeurbanne, near Lyon. We have built a team of international experts who work closely and tirelessly together in order to introduce our brand Wobz and spread it all around the world through its several websites: Cupkiller, Dalvin and Gobelets.com.
Our team is composed of bilingual sales and marketing experts, community managers, graphic designers, E-Commerce managers and content writers.

Small and huge quantities ? We can do anything !


Each Wobz Retailing’s website offers personalized products made in small and huge quantities. Our websites have been created for specific target audiences. This way, we offer our clients an individual experience, according to their needs and requests, and this, worldwide. We are true creators and customizers. With us, anything is possible.


Cupkiller : a historic brand

With Cupkiller, reusable cups and drinking glasses are personalized in four-colors for professionals and private individuals, BtoC abd BtoB. It also markets gift boxes, personalized water bottles and other products made of plastic or glass. Everything is made in France. Products made and personalized by Cupkiller are perfect to highlight a brand or spread a special event, whether professional or amateur. Since last summer 2021, Cupkiller is conquering Spain and its niche market. In order to seek new clients and partners, a Spanish website has been launched with a suited offer and a special department for international customers. In France, Cupkiller is a renowned brand shining since 2013. It achieved notoriety for events and festivals thanks to the high-end quality of its personalized products. Thus, it always stands its commitments in terms of production and delivery times.

Dalvin : an established professional network

That is the name of the website dedicated to resellers, wholesalers and key accounts, BtoB and BtoR. Dalvin markets drinking glasses, reusable cups and plastic glasses. All these products are personalized in four-colors. Dalvin is on the personalization market since 2016. Its website is available in 4 languages. Therefore, German, English and Spanish clients have access to all these products. An international team is always willing to help clients and provide the right service. Dalvin is a famous brand in the professional field thanks to the high-end quality of its offered products.

Gobelets.com for personalized events

Private individuals who are looking for reusable cups for their events (BtoC, private or professionals) can get BPA-free cups made of Polypropylene on the website named Gobelets.com. Containers of different sizes : 18 cl to 60 cl. All the products can be personalized on their whole surface with many colors thanks to the four-color digital printing technique. Gobelets.com belongs to the market to meet the growing demand and the personalization of lifechanging events such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, etc. Parties will be completely unique thanks to Gobelets.com.