Olé ! Cupkiller is conquering the Spanish market !

International development is one of Wobz’s main projects in the short term, especially the development of the Spanish market. To achieve this goal, our international team has carried out various studies in this country. Wobz is ready to enter the territory of flamenco, paella and sangria. The market of reusable and personalized cups has existed in Spain for several years. The event sector is the most important consumer of this type of product. Despite a very difficult 2020 season due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the festival, concert, event and tourism industry is slowly recovering at the beginning of summer 2021. It should be noted that in this southern European country, the number of festivals was constantly growing before the arrival of the virus. In 2019, there were around 800 festivals around the country. The number of popular festivals is also very high, both in large cities and in villages. Tourism is constantly growing. Reusable and customizable cups have a growing popularity in Spain, especially after the law that went into effect January 2020, which bans disposable cups and single-use plastics. For all these reasons and because we see a market with great potential, we have decided to conquer the Spanish reusable cup market, with all our Know-How. We will come to Spain with our brand Cupkiller and its website, as it is adapted to this market, mainly for BtoB customers. Even if the Spanish market is already penetrated by some French or Spanish brands, Cupkiller’s comparative advantage lies in the prices applied, which are overall cheaper than those of our competitors. Moreover, we are manufacturers and offer different types and sizes of cups. We market personalized drinking glasses (with digital printing), which are unavailable in this country. We are able to offer Spanish event organizers and companies a high level of personalization, which is possible thanks to our advanced technologies. We have the entire integrated production chain. If we compare ourselves to our competitors, we have identified more strengths which result from the great reputation that we have in France. Our product range is rich and varied. We can provide small as well as large quantities of products. Our manufacturing and delivery times are shorter and our costs lower than those of our competitors located in Spain. To sum up, we can offer high quality products while being flexile, adaptable and reactive. How can we conquer Spain ? With our great professionalism ! We have a multicultural and international team capable of providing custom work. The process of translation and writing of our entire website is well advanced, with an SEO objective. We also have a solid plan with well-adapted e-marketing and communication actions, through social media, local media… We will also join associations such as Aimfap and Fyvar which are key players to help us better communicate with local customers. For some years now, Spain has been promoting products and actions that have a reduced impact on the environment. In this positive atmosphere, the products offered by Cupkiller have high chances of conquering this country.