A manufacturer and personalization specialist

Founded in 2013, Wobz specializes in the personalization of objects in small, medium and large series.
As customizable as you could wish, our products have the right answer to your specific needs. In a concern of quality and eco-responsibility, our products as well as our services and support functions are manufactured in France. Extremely attentive, our teams are committed to ensuring that your experience is optimal.

Wobz is also 

  • A high technology to make ultra-personalization possible on any support –
  • Unparalleled printing quality
  • Made in France manufacturing
  • Affordable and decreasing prices
  • A great reactivity, flexibility and agility made possible by automation, industrialization and digitalization of processes
  • A benevolent and innovation-oriented corporate culture
  • A guarantee
  • A promise


Entering the Wobz universe, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you want and even more. It is a world where anything is possible, where ideas become reality, where desires come to life, where everyone can express themselves, where high technology is and always will be, servicing customers. With Wobz, your personality will be definitely highlighted, whoever you are.


Our values

A freedom-form company

As an innovative company, we create new concepts to industrialize the personalization of different objects. Research, experimentation and training belong to the heart of our management policy to let our creativity express itself. We adapt to specific customer’s needs and provide them with reliable and suitable solutions.
We promote honesty and transparency in our exchanges for greater efficiency. Wobz draws its strength from the expertise of its human resources, so that our teams evolve in a climate of trust.
Wobz is a freedom-form company where there is no hierarchical organization chart. Our employees work autonomously and in circle departments. Each one is assuming his or her responsibilities in each mission he or she carries out. In this way, we are sure to provide a good working environment to our collaborators, who will offer the best customer experience.